Live Music at Harbor Bar 2018

Live Music

Harbor Bar live music schedule for 2018
Summer outdoor concert series

Live Music at Harbor Bar on our outdoor stage along the banks of the Mississippi River

Flood Run 2018

April 21st, Saturday Noon-4pm ------"Swamp Kings"

Memorial Day Weekend 2018

May 25, Friday, 6-10pm ------------"Bear Creek Band"

May 26, Saturday, 2-6pm -----------"Nick Foytik"

                            , 6:30-10:30pm ----"Zackery's"

May 27, Sunday, 2-6pm. ------------"Chris Herriges"

June 1, Friday, 6-10pm -------------"Shagawa Shorty"

June 2, Saturday, 3-7pm ------------"Mudcat"

June 3, Sunday, 2-6pm --------------"Nick Foytik"

June 8, Friday, 6-10pm --------------"JT Thompson/Todd Owen- Duo"

June 9, Saturday, 5-9pm ------------"Johnny Mac Band"

June 10, Sunday, 2-6pm -------------"Squishy Mud"

June 15, Friday, 6-10pm -------------"Dyno Dave & Roadkill Orchestra"

June 16, Saturday, 3-7pm ------------"Eden Road Band"

June 17, Sunday, 2-6pm -------------"

RockFest 2018

June 22, Friday, 6-10pm ------------"Classic Rockers"

June 23, Saturday, 2-6pm --------"Instigator's"  

                                       6-9 pm-------"Trandy Blue"

                                        9 pm -------"Spirit of Jesse Brady"

June 24, Sunday, 2-6pm -------------"Chris Herriges"

June 29, Friday, 6:30-10:30pm --------"Coxman"

June 30, Saturday, 2-6pm ------------"Oakwood"

July 1, Sunday, 2-6pm ---------------"Mitch Kashmar (formally with band"War") & Paul Barry Duo"

July 4, Wednesday 3-7pm ------------"Mudcat"

                             7-11pm -----------"Chris Herriges

BluesFest 2018

July 6, Friday, 6:30-10:30pm ----------"Brian Naughton Band"

July 7th, Saturday, Noon-4pm ---------"Everett Smithson Band"

                                       4-8pm -------"Fungi"

                                       9pm-1am -----"Boom Boom Steve V & the Knockouts"

July 13, Friday, 6:30-10:30pm ----------"Bear Creek Band"

July 14, Saturday, 2-6pm --------------"Marcus Lere"

                            6:30-10:30pm ---------"Instigators"

July 15, Sunday, 2-6pm ----------------"Sagawa Shorty"

July 20. Friday, 6-10pm ----------------"Swamp Kings"

July 21, Saturday, 3-7pm ---------------"Mudcat"

                            8pm-midnight --------"Abisha Uhl"

July 22, Sunday, 2-6pm ----------------"Chris Herriges"

ReggaeFest 2018 - ($20 cover charge)

July 27, Friday, 

             Friday, 8pm-midnight ---------"Dread I Dred"

July 28, Saturday, Noon-4pm ----------"Goulash"

                            4pm -----"BIKINI CONTEST - $500 1st place prize"

                                            -----------" Ipso Facto"



July 29, Sunday, noon-4pm ------------"Ras John & the Coulee Boys"

August  3, Friday, 6-10pm -------------"Swamp Kings"

August 4, Saturday, 2-6pm -------------"JT Thompson"

                               6:30-10:30pm -------"

August 5, Sunday, 2-6pm --------------"Nick Foytik"

August 10, Friday, 6-10pm -------------"

August 11, Saturday, 2-6pm ------------"Sagawa Shorty"

                            6:30-10:30 -----------"Marcus Lere"

August 12, Sunday, 2-6pm -------------"Zackery's"


August 17, Friday, 6-10pm ------------"Blue Moon Drive"

August 18, Saturday, noon-8pm--------"Short on Cash Band"

                                 4-8pm ----------"Earl Lovelace & Southbound Country"

                    8:30pm-12:30am --------"JT & the Gunslingers"

August 19, Sunday, 2-6pm -------------Howard "Guitar" Luedtke & the Howlers

August 24, Friday, 6-10pm ------------"Nick Foytik"

August 25, Saturday, 2-6pm -----------"JT Thompson"

                                6-10pm ----------"Eden Road Band"

August 26, Sunday, 2-6pm, ------------"Chris Herriges"

August 31, Friday, 6-10pm ------------"Swamp Kings"

September 1, Saturday, 2-6pm ---------"Zackery's"

September 2, Sunday, 2-6pm -----------"Squishy Mud"

Summer Outdoor Concert Series at Harbor Bar 2018

Bands and artists to be announced as soon as they are booked, watch this page for updated info: For inquiries E-mail Brad at

email me (Brad) at - to book entertainers to perform at Harbor Bar.